• Alma Ramirez, MSW, LSW

    Alma Ramirez, MSW, LSW

    Pronouns: She/Her

    It takes a lot of courage for an individual to ask for help when it comes to one’s emotional well-being. These days it is easy to put our emotions and feelings in the back seat and forget how important it is to take care of our mental health. Our emotions drive so much of what we do, whether that is an important life decision, our romantic relationships, or our interactions with our families. I like to approach my patient’s concerns in a very individualistic manner; understanding that although many individuals may have similar life circumstances each patient has their own way of managing or coping with a situation and circumstance. It is important to help my clients develop comfort and trust while allowing my client to guide me at their own pace. My aim is to be a safe and comforting space for clients to feel listened to and heard.

    As a therapist with 6 years of mental health experience, my philosophy is to have a client centered approach in my therapy sessions. I want to ensure that my client feels comfortable in discussing the topics of their choice while ensuring that we advance in our therapeutic process. I enjoy working with my clients on better ways to manage stressful situations or life circumstances with meditation and relaxation practices. My focus areas are grief, marital or relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, ADHD and behavioral health. My main goals as a therapist are to help clients express what their own goals are, develop a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship with the client, and ensure that my clients know that my space is a safe and confidential place for them to disclose their feelings, emotions and thoughts.