• Couples Counseling Q&A

    I am scared to try couples counseling. What will happen?

    The prospect of disclosing painful and difficult aspects of your relationship is daunting. Understand that you will not be judged or blamed and that we aren’t there to take sides. Together we will work to help identify and change negative cycles in your relationship that lead to conflict and distance between you and your partner. Our goal is to help you repair your relationship.

    Can couples counseling save my relationship?

    If both parties are committed to making changes and willing to do the work, it is very likely. There are reasons that you chose to be together. Counseling can help you accentuate those things and remove the barriers that are negatively impacting your relationship.

    How can I pay for couples counseling? Can I use my insurance?

    The answer to this question is complicated and can only be determined after your first session. Most insurance companies don’t cover couples counseling outright. Let’s explore the options you may have.

    1. Private pay- The couple pays for their sessions out of pocket. There are many benefits to this method. This is the most private way to obtain services. There is no reporting of services to your insurance company and there is no chance that they will ask for any documentation, progress notes, treatment plans, etc. In addition, no diagnosis is required.
    2. Insurance- In order to charge your insurance one member of the couple will need to meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis. That diagnosis must be one of the largest contributing factors to the couple’s issues. Some insurance companies may limit times on sessions or the number of sessions you are allowed to have. Counseling is less private due to a recorded medical diagnosis and insurance company interference. Finally, should the couple decide to divorce, paperwork for the individual with the diagnosis may be used in court. You must meet with a clinician for an initial session to determine if any member of the couple meets this criteria.

    Sometimes our fights get physical. Can you help us?

    In the instance of physical or emotional abuse, it may be necessary for clients to work individually on the issues contributing to those behaviors before working on things together. Our first priority is to maintain the safety of all parties.

    We aren’t married or in a traditional marriage. Will you still see us?

    Yes. We will take your relationship as serious as any other.