• Karma



    • Birthday: March 29, 2019
    • Weight: 70 pounds
    • Breed: Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle)
    • Human Pawrent: Michelle

    Fun Facts:

    • I may be a mix of two working dogs like Kevin said, but I am a fancy girl. I have long eyelashes and love to prance around. I’ll do some tricks if you have really yummy treats, else I rather just dance around and have you tell me how pretty I am.
    • Even though I am a fancy girl, I really love playing in the mud. A lot.
    • I don’t shed. Mama says I am hypo-allergenic, but people with allergies to dogs should always be careful and ask to use our dog-free therapy room.


    • I am a lot more timid than my brother but I am naturally very gentle and interact well with calm people and children once I get to know them.
    • My favorite tricks are bowing, sitting pretty, and giving hugs.
    • I love to play with other animals that are smaller than me. I desperately want my own cat but none of our cats want to play with me. I still try.
    • I instinctually use my body weight to calm people when they are upset.