• Kevin



    • Birthday: March 17, 2019
    • Weight: 80 pounds
    • Breed: Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever & Standard Poodle)
    • Human Pawrent: Michelle

    Fun Facts:

    • People think doodles are fancy dogs, but I am actually a mix of two working dogs therefore love to have a job. I’m in training to be a therapy dog and am working on my Trick Dog titles.
    • I am too smart for my own good. I am very good at solving puzzles. One time my mom accidently forgot me at the doggy daycare. Well I flipped the latch on that gate and ran right after her before the kennel workers even knew what happened. They had another gate with a lock so I didn’t catch her, but boy did I tell her about it when she came back to get me. I’ll have to make sure I bring a key next time, just in case.
    • I was born on St. Patrick’s Day and I am two weeks older than my sister, Karma. As a big brother I am very protective of her and always make sure the other dogs at the dog park don’t pick on her.


    • I absolutely love to be pet. If you want to give me a massage I will be your very best friend furever.
    • I am incredibly enthusiastic. I always have a smile on my face and am up for anything at any time.
    • I love snacks. I will do anything for a snack. Do you have any snacks? I heard there were snacks here. I’ll do tricks for snacks. Want to see a trick? Do you have a snack?
    • I don’t shed.