• Patricia Burton, MSW, LSW

    Patricia Burton, MSW, LSW

    Do you find yourself gripped by anxiety, worry, or depression no matter what you do? Or maybe there is so much tension between you and a family member that it keeps you up at night? You might not even remember a time when things didn’t feel this way. But one thing is for sure: you’re ready for some relief. You’re ready to walk through your days without constant troublesome thoughts and feelings. You’re ready to wake up looking forward to your day and what may come. You’re ready to start enjoying your family again. Are you ready to feel in control of your life and your feelings?

    Clients come to me when there is stress in their family. Maybe one person is struggling with an issue and needs some extra support. Maybe the whole family can use some practice communicating in healthy ways with each other. I promise to take the time to listen to you, provide you with tools that help you feel better, and empower you to make positive changes in your life. Together we will reduce your anxiety, decrease your feelings of hopelessness, and get you to a place where you are looking forward to each day.

    As an experienced marriage, family, and youth therapist, I believe that laughing is good for the soul. My goal is to support you, empower you, and provide you with the tools to help you learn how to cope and manage life stressors. You don’t have to continue living in a world where your emotions are ruling your life. Contact me today to set up an appointment. I can’t wait to hear from you.

    Patricia lives in the south suburbs with her husband of 44 years. In addition to being a Licensed Social Worker, she is also an ordained minister and is open to incorporating Christian values for those who are interested.